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A one-of-a-kind Literature and Arts Festival was held in Viman Nagar, Pune, on the 24th and 25th March 2018. The event was a real book-lovers’ paradise, where all things related to books and art were celebrated.


Several budding authors (Abhimanyu Jamwal, Nuzhat Khan, Writa B, Ashwini Gawde) also participated in this festival in order to promote and showcase their respective projects. The ever-encouraging Pune audience gave a whole-hearted cheering to these writers and applauded their efforts.

The festival was also a wonderful platform for panel discussions between many renowned authors. One such thought-provoking discussion was between Scharada Dubey and Prachi Garg.


The discussion was rightly termed as, ‘Breaking the Glass Ceiling’, as both the ladies have been truly phenomenon in carving their own paths in the literary world. The audience loved Scharada Dubey immensely for her pleasing personality, her confident yet humble tone and her speaking about the lifelong literary journey that she had taken. She shared with the audience how and what thought process she underwent while writing at various stages of her life. She gave a golden tip to aspiring writers. She said, “the best kind of writing is one which acts as a witness to the plot and story. The writing that does not interfere much and paints one person as good and another person as bad, because that is not real! All personalities have grey connotations, and the writer should keep that in mind.”

Prachi Garg, similarly, was quite impressive in the discussion. Being an entrepreneur and traveller (she is the founder of travel website-, which is pioneer in organizing corporate travels and has recently extended to women solo travels as well). Her books also reflect the experiences and journeys of various entrepreneurs. In conversation with Scharada Dubey, she talked about the need to empower women, to make them realize that they are indeed capable of attaining great heights in life if they believe in themselves. She said that her book, ‘Superwomen’ is an attempt at this. The book is a collection of journeys from 20 women entrepreneurs.

Apart from the panel discussions, Books & Beyond festival also organized something called, ‘The Crazy Book Sale’, where books were auctioned, starting from Rs 10 to Rs 100! Children’s story time session, a comedy stand-up about publishing, Haiku recitations by famous poets—these were all mesmerizing parts of this spectacular festival. At the end of it all, everyone had one question to ask to the organizers—when are you coming back?!





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  1. Anshul Mishra said:

    Well written account… Should have been there

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