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Food has the right to be clicked

I came across an article saying that in some restaurants, chefs are discouraging customers from photographing their food. They have reasons like- the food gets cold by the time they are done clicking, and that it disturbs other diners who prefer to enjoy their meal quietly.

Eating good food at a good place is what makes MOST of the normal people on this planet happy. Food is, after all, one of the very primary reasons that the entire human race work their asses off for. Night shifts, 7 days-a-week shifts, work-at-home jobs, over-time, working in a different city away from family, thus missing out on numerous precious moments at home–we do it all! And when we do so much, and when we finally manage to take out time to go to a nice place to sit and eat, and when you pin up all your happiness on the moment when that perfectly made meal arrives at your table in ‘picture-perfect’ state, the last thing you need at that point is someone disapproving of your instant reaction to taking pictures of it! Believe me, it can be the biggest turn off!

How do you explain to that person that it is not just food to you at that point, it is something personal, your achievement, the result of your little sacrifices that you do in day-to-day routine. It is something you used to dream of doing when you were in college and had no job or money to afford eating out at a fancy place. Sometimes, it is the ‘only’ good thing happening to you after a rough day at work. And then, to put up with the snobbery of these people who go all cynical the moment you take out your smartphone to capture that beautiful piece of art on your table! My only advice to you in that situation-     I-G-N-O-R-E!!

For they don’t realize that food made like that, is actually a great piece of art in itself! Why do we like paintings? They appeal to your sense of vision. Why do we like perfumes? They appeal to your sense of smell. And why do we like food?? Because food appeals to your sense of vision, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of touch. That is why, it is the greatest piece of art. And the makers of it are the artists. Why else do chefs take great pains in the ‘presentation’ of the dish? But that is exactly why it is confusing and unconvincing when we hear that certain chefs discourage customers to take pictures at the table. OK, say the food might get cold if we go overboard in clicking, but have you ever heard of an incident where the customer then complains about the meal gone cold because they were too busy clicking? Come on! People have that much common sense to take responsibility for it and eat nevertheless.

The other reason that food-clickers tend to get too loud, please! People are WAY more louder when they come in groups for a birthday party, or reunion with friends over drinks, in which case the noise grows only louder and louder! That can beat a few gasps and clicking noises any time! Not to forget our cute little noise-generators, the kids 🙂 woah! They are a warehouse of all kinds of noises you possibly can or want to hear. Haha!

Having said that, I am absolutely not in favor of clicking food pictures badly! Yes, now and then, I come across really badly-taken food pictures, where the place’s lights are not right, and so the flash is turned on, and the picture taken is so bad that you lose your appetite by looking at it. As I said earlier on, it is a piece of art. Give it the respect it deserves. (And get a better camera for God’s sake!)

And the obvious statement-in-defense needs to be made here. The clicking and sharing of food pictures on social media does an instant publicity for the restaurant, bringing in more business for them at no cost at all.

So please don’t judge, dear ‘haters-of-food-clicking-moments’! Let people enjoy their moments! The world has enough matters to disapprove of, already.